Zeolite Petrota Industrial and Commercial S. A. “O Lithoxoos” is a newly-founded company, which was founded in 2017, as a publicly held company with the participation of the natives of Petrota from all over the world. The title “Lithoxoos” (Mason) is relevant to the long history of the village, as quarries were in use from the 5th and 4th century B.C. till the Second World War when they were abandoned.
The capital of the company has been covered in its entirety by the involved founders, whose origins, according to the charter, must be of Petrota. Τhe foundation of the company was initiated by residents of the village, both permanent residents and former residents who have moved to other places in Greece or abroad (mainly Germany). These people understood the importance of the ore and wanted to capitalize of it in its mining area, avoiding thus its transportation and processing away from their homeland, envisioning the economical, social, and cultural rebirth of their village as well as that of the wider area.
Aim of the company is the growth of the local economy and of the village of Petrota through the founding and running of businesses in mining, processing and trading the various ores and minerals of the area and the abundant ore of Zeolite in particular.
The company also aims at the production, processing and trading of local agricultural products from harvest and breeding as well as at other parallel actions, always considering the protection of the environment.

Our decision to found the S. A. company “Zeolite of Petrota” under the title and emblem of “Lithoxoos” (Mason) comes to bridge the time gap between the quarries of the past and our current attempt in the same region, to mine from the depths of this land the mineral of the future, as it has been called by renowned scientists, Zeolite, and deliver it processed (and ready for various implementations) to the consumers.

This attempt continues the local tradition in masonry though it turns from stone in general to Zeolite, always aiming at the prosperity, progress and growth of this land. Instigators of this revolutionary initiative are always the people of Petrota and the village itself, a historical and long-suffering village which, crept up on the slopes of the mountain range of Eastern Rodopi on the northern part of the Evros regional unit and bearing the indelible marks of time and history, is looking for a path and steppings towards the FUTURE.