Zeolite belongs to the category of industrial ores and rocks. It is eminent among the ones used in environmental industry. The particular physical and chemical properties it has give it unique characteristics. The basic phsysical and chemical properties of zeolites, which place them among the most environmentally friendly minerals, come from their chemical formula and crystallic structure and they result in their endless applications. Physically and mentally these properties are described as sorption and assimilation and they occur in a small, nano-level on the pores of zeolite. In very good qualities of zeolite these properties may occur in the meso- and macro-level as well. What is more, an important fact behind their significance is the absence of dangerous elements, like heavy metals, from their formula.

As ingredients of industrial materials, they contribute to them properties like: long durability, resistance to friction, less weight compared to their volume, water and liquid pollutants absorption, smell containment, better management of the supplication of metals and nutrients in the soil, and better oxygenation of small spaces. Consequently, zeolites have a wide application in the building, breeding, and agricultural industries, as well as in the industries of cleaning supplies, paper, energy, desiccation, pesticides and fertilizers, polishing materials, catalysts, and special filters.