Natural occurring zeolite is successfully used in the cultivation of a wide variety of crops, fruit and vegetables.

AgricultureZeolite as a soil-enhancing product

Because of its ability to readily exchange cations and its porous structure, zeolite traps heavy metals of the ground and gradually releases nutrients into the root system.

Properties of zeolite which are useful in agriculture

  • It absorbs the nutrients and gradually releases them as necessary.
  • It absorbs and traps toxic substances.
  • It helps balance the pH by neutralizing acid substances in the soil.
  • It reduces the levels of alkalis in the soil.
  • It improves the airing/ventilation of the plant.
  • It assists in balancing the alkalic metals.
  • It enhances the root growth.
  • It retains humidity (water absorption).
  • It reduces the need for pesticides and other additives.

Results of the use of zeolite in agriculture

  • Increased retainment of nutrients
  • Increased production
  • Better quality of produce
  • Treatment of illnesses in the root system
  • Treatment and elimination of pathogens and weed seeds
  • Reduced cost of pesticides and fertilizers

Zeolite is a 100% naturally-produced stone.
It is rich in trace minerals and does not erode.
It is suitable for both conventional and organic agriculture.
The cost of zeolite is less compared to the current cost of ordinary fertilizers.