Applications in Cultivation

elia-onlineApplications in Cultivation

Zeolite as a soil-enhancer is used in the cultivation of all types of plants and in all types of soils.
It is a 100% naturally-occurring rock, ideal for both conventional and organic agriculture.


Zeolite can be used in fields, in new and existing trees, in greenhouses, in flower and vegetable crops, as well as on lawns and grass.

The reasons behind choosing and using zeolite are the rich trace elements it has, its particular characteristics and properties, the fact that it does not erode and resists to the passage of time not to mention the help it offers on many levels to farmers in their effort to improve and augment their produce.

vamvaki-onlineZeolite is proved to possess a mechanism of slow release of nutrients to the root system, enhancing thus the plant growth while reducing the quantities of fertilizers needed.

One additional contribution of zeolite to the environment
In contrast to the case of fertilizers commonly used, the loss of nutrients to the underground waters and the environment is greatly limited.

How to apply zeolite

rodakinies-onlineIt is important that we know the composition of the soil (if it contains sand, clay, etc.), so that it helps us apply the most appropriate quantity of grains and of zeolite.

For soils rich in clay, a larger quantity of grains is recommended, while for the ones with less clay a smaller quantity of grains would suffice.

The smaller the zeolite pebbles we use, the less quantity we need.

For the topdressing of the soil the ideal absorption is achieved with the use of a rototiller, so as to cover the whole surface and to reach a depth of 10 to 14 cm, reaching thus the root system.

Zeolite can be combined and applied together with the fertilizers as well as with active micro-organisms.

For cultivations in fields we ostensibly apply 200-600 kilograms per stremma (depending on the type of cultivation).


Applications by spraying

Spraying creates a shield of protection around the plant, achieving thus prevention from and elimination of threats.

  • Elimination of bacteria and fungi.
  • More effective protection against frost.
  • Protection from the hatching of eggs.
  • Better treatment of illnesses of the leaves.

ampelia-onlineThe use of zeolite assists in the effective protection of trees and plants from various diseases, such as:

  • cycloconium
  • oidium
  • tetranychus
  • nematodes